Royah's collection combines exhaustive research into ancient Islamic and Persian patterns, and contemporary style. The geometrical forms evoke non-figurative Islamic art, and both the textiles and embroidery work reflect regional varieties in their colors and patterns. Royah enriches its collection with locally made precious fabrics. The Chapans are hand-loomed fabrics, originally from Mazar-e Sharif, they are normally used to produce the long vest – from which the material derives its name – such as the long coat that Afghan President Hamid Karzai wears. The Chitral Wool Precious hand-loomed wool from the Chitral Valley is transformed in Royah's masterpieces, blending ancient embroidery patterns into contemporary shapes. Ikat, wool and silks add beautiful details to the hand made garments. The embroidery work Afghanistan is well known for the quality of its embroidery work. Every ethnic group has its own signature design and Afghan women are traditionally the masters of the art. Royah rediscovers traditional patterns to revive their ancient story. The collection is inspired by the Kandahari and Pashto work and its magnificent geometry, along with the Lakai's worship of natural elements such as the Aftab (Sun) and the Mahtab (Moon).